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Thinking of shooting on location in Cambodia or maybe somewhere beyond borders in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia or Myanmar? Let me to make your life easier and save you time, energy and money! 

As a freelance Field/Line producer helping international documentary, short and feature film producers and directors from all over the world to achieve their goals  from the Pre-Production until the wrap of Production in South East Asia. 


Having extensive working experience both as pre-production researcher as well as local producer on Human Rights issues. Projects were related to child labor, landmine victims, women rights, garment factory workers, evictions, street children. micro-finance, also to Angkor World Heritage temple restauration, Khmer Rouge survivals, mental patients, culinary specialties, Yantra Tattoo Art, Traditional Apsara Dance, cultural heritage, etc...

I'm able to adjust the size of the professional local or international crew and the selection of local or foreign extras to your needs, suit your project. Understand the local customs, history, political situation in the South East Asian region and have relevant knowledge of the geographical locations.


Services: pre and full-production services, fixer services, consultancy, location scout, creative shooting ideas, data collections and researches, accommodations, catering, logistics, translation, casting assistance and obtaining all the necessary permits for foreign film crews.

Limited Pro Camera, Lightening and Audio gears are available to shoot a  micro-, low-, and even high budget feature films, documentary or TVC.  

If you need a camera or sound production crew (Dp, camera assistant, audio tech) maybe an entire film crew; our professionals always have a great attitude and a hardy work ethic.

Though, In Cambodia Dry hire however, is not always possible and equipment mainly come with assigned operator and supervisor. My production partners in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand do supply items if any certain equipment is required.



Note: All feature films require script approval from the appropriate ministry. General Film Permit is necessary to shoot in Cambodia. The shooting permits are delivered by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts but there are some case the Ministry of Interior obtains permits. Apsara Authority is entitled to deliver "Special shooting permit" which is required inside Angkor Archaeological Park. Apsara permit is based on General shooting permit (GSP). Using drone cameras are not allowed at many of the locations, though there are some exceptions. 

News organizations usually do not a need permit  to film in a public location.

Import of film production equipment required temporary Import License.


Features Film 2-3 months

Documentary (travel, etc), Music video, TV commercial, 10-15 working days
Apsara permit is obtained in Siem Reap and the procedures start only after Authorities received the obtained General filming permits from the Ministry of  Culture and Fine Arts or  The Ministry of Interior from Phnom Penh.  

Process is 10-15 working days.

A story-board, script or detailed description of treatment, included the desired locations is required in order to perform a database search. The well maintained relationships, experience of negotiations in the Cambodian bureaucratic labyrinth make smoother the permission procedures for my satisfied clients. 

Line producer and fixer, pre-production manager of  multi award winning Hungarian feature  documentary "Another Planet" shot on several locations in Cambodia about child labor. 


Line producer  Vertigo Pictures (Singapore) on  "The Bicycle Diaries" travel documentary series Episode 6. Nikki Muller Singapore's one of the most famous TV host was riding a bicycle on various locations from the sea, across the capital to the mountain hill tribes and introduced Cambodia to the Channel News Asia's audience. 


Field/line producer/ production manager -  Silver Screen International on Singapore's most popular Indian (Tamil) language documentary travel show  "Rayil Sneham" Cambodian  episode  broadcast by Mediacorp/ Vasantham. The  film captured the everyday lives of Cambodian people, Angkor Archaeological Park, historical sites, culture, tradition, hill tribes, pepper plantations, Sea salt cultivation, local markets, Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng (S21) Genocide Museum, as well as culinary specialties, the old railway stations sometimes off the beating track. 


Fixer - Channel News Asia International desk (Singapore)  during the Garment industry crisis in Cambodia


Line producer - Belgian Reality TV  Show series "Jobs without frontiers" Cambodian episode. In this episode four Belgian tattoo artists flew to Cambodia to discover and mastering the secret of ancient Yantra Tattoo Art from local masters. 


Field/Line Producer for the television documentary series about destruction and protection of cultural heritages shooting for History Channel Germany in Cambodia. The film contains interview with one of the last interrogated survivor of Tuol Sleng (S21) prison, Cambodia most famous classical dancer, choreographer and shows the archaeological restoration works on Angkor Wat. 


In 2012 Nikon Pro Magazine published an interview “The guy behind the scenes who make it all possible" and called me one of the top fixer of the industry.


My article about Cambodia's film industry is published on The Location Guide.

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